9th Jun 2022 SET Domestic Homicide Review Reports

Domestic Homicide Review’s (DHR)

What is a Domestic Homicide Review?

A Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) is a review into the circumstances around a death of someone following domestic abuse.  The purpose is to establish what can be learned from the death regarding the way in which local professionals and organisations work individually and together to safeguard victims.   This can include cases of suicide where the circumstances give rise to concern. For example, it emerges that there was coercive controlling behaviour in the relationship. Since 13 April 2011 there has been a statutory requirement for local areas to conduct a DHR following a domestic homicide that meets the criteria.

Southend, Essex & Thurrock DHR Centralised Process

Since 2017 the DHR process has been centralised and is coordinated by the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board (SETDAB) working closely with the the Community Safety Partnerships who hold the statutory responsibility.  If you have a query about DHRs or want to make a referral please email

Please click below to view the DHR SSP

Southend, Essex & Thurrock Domestic Homicide Review Sharing Specific for Purpose and Overarching Safeguarding ISP

Guidance for using Chronolator 4.0

NEW Chronolator 4.0 Guidance for partners

Published DHRs

All of the published DHRs for Southend, Essex and Thurrock are available here: SET Published DHRs

Learning the lessons

DHR Thematic Review Briefing paper 2022 v0.1



Information for family members

Domestic Homicide Review Information Leaflet for Family Members

AAFDA and AVA – DHR Resources for professionals and children/young people

Information for professionals

Domestic homicide reviews: statutory guidance

AAFDA- Approaching a DHR

Information for chairs

Guidance for domestic homicide review chairs – support for families

Media Guidelines

Media guidelines to help journalists report on domestic violence deaths