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SET DA Training Competency Framework

The SET Domestic Violence and Abuse Competency Framework sets out the expectations the SET DA Board has of organisations in relation to achieving the domestic abuse competencies needed depending on the role, training and resources available within agencies, and across the partnership, to support this. (You can download both the overview & full Competency Framework documents near the bottom of this page)

For organisations this includes:

  • Domestic abuse to be included within the organisations learning and development strategy for the workforce;
  • Identified Domestic abuse Champion/lead to be the SET DAB contact and point of contact for staff/volunteers within the organisation;
  • A commitment to give the Domestic abuse Champion/lead support and time to undertake their role;
  • A commitment to support staff/volunteers in identifying, recognising and responding appropriately to potential and actual domestic abuse across the organisation;
  • A commitment to ensure the appropriate training is offered and accessed by staff/volunteers;
  • Promote domestic abuse campaigns internally and externally;
  • Where possible have domestic abuse intranet pages to raise awareness amongst staff;
  • Have mechanisms in place to address the emotional impact of the work on staff/volunteers.

The competencies addressed within the Framework include:

  1. Basic Awareness of Domestic violence and abuse
  2. Impact of Domestic violence and abuse on Health of Victims, Children and Communities
  3. Responding to the Disclosure of Domestic violence and abuse
  4. Routine/Selective Enquiry
  5. Risk Identification
  6. Risk Management and Safety Planning
  7. Referral Pathways
  8. Education and training
  9. Quality and Audit

Best practice guidance on monitoring and evaluating learning and development opportunities is also available.

Monitoring and Evaluating Learning and Development – Best Practice guide & toolkit





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