12th Jun 2024

SETDAB It’s Never Too Late Campaign 2024

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE – every AGE deserves to live a life free from domestic abuse

The “It’s Never Too Late” campaign aims to raise awareness about domestic abuse affecting older people, encouraging victims to seek help. Many older victims of domestic abuse feel it’s too late to reach out or fear they won’t be believed.

Understanding domestic abuse in older people

The campaign features adapted content and visuals from the ‘Hidden Harms’ animation, co-created by domestic abuse survivors aged between 60 and 93-years-old from Dewis Choice. It explores different types of abuse such as emotional, physical, sexual, and economic abuse, along with coercive control.

Domestic abuse isn’t always physical and can include a partner, ex-partner, or family member attempting to exert control. Older people can be abused by an adult child or grandchild as well as by a partner or ex-partner. Some have lived with domestic abuse for decades or it may have developed subtly over time.

Join the campaign: resources available

If you are a voluntary or statutory organisation in Essex, Thurrock or Southend, that can support our shared vision ‘to enable everyone to live a life free from all forms of domestic abuse’, we invite you to share these much-needed resources across your channels.

Available to download is a selection of printable posters and social media content.

Social media content: blue background

Download Five Posters

Poster 1: Emotional abuse

Poster 2: Threats and manipulation

Poster 3: Controlling what you do

Poster 4: Blaming and making excuses for behaviour

Poster 5: Economic Abuse

We hope older people will see these resources and reach out for help, recognising that it’s never too late to ask for support.  Starting conversations is crucial to transforming the response to domestic abuse in later life.

Contact us for more information

For further information or advice about any of the resources included, please contact

Together, we can transform the response to domestic abuse and support older people in living safer, happier lives.

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