Claire’s Transgender Talks

Based just outside of London in Thurrock, Essex, Claire’s Transgender Talks aims to help community groups, organisations and businesses to understand Transgender and Non-Binary people – whether they are staff or community members, clients, customers or students – so that you feel comfortable and confident interacting with and supporting us.

The training utilises an “unlearning” approach – challenging and dissecting what participants think they know or understand about everything Transgender and rebuilding that knowledge using current scientific understanding, before exploring issues, interactions and discrimination. Each training session is accompanied by an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session.

This approach enables participants to better understand Transgender and Non Binary identities and the issues faced by our community, enabling them with the knowledge and confidence to foster change and drive inclusion within their own organisation. Participant feedback is collated, analysed and provided to the client post session.

All training is delivered by an open, knowledgeable transgender trainer in a friendly and relaxed environment.