Sanctus is a Chelmsford based charity established in 2011. Sanctus feeds the growing number of homeless, hungry and vulnerable individuals in Chelmsford. They run a free café offering breakfast, hot and cold drinks, snacks and a cooked homemade lunch. They are also able to help by offering 1:1 support and counselling, group sessions, training courses and a range of enrichment activities including a Book Club, Music Club and Allotment Project.

Other services offered include:

-1:1 mentoring

-Peer mentoring

-Addiction support Groups 

-Helping Hands Essex drop in sessions

-Support, Hypnotherapy and Reiki through consultation with a qualified in-house professional

-The National Careers Service

-Peabody (guidance and support for independent living)

-Housing Dilemmas-eviction, benefits and housing support

-Financial advice and support with debt plans

-Courses, qualifications and training opportunities relevant to our client base

-Benefits applications, appeals support and advocacy at hearings

-Sourcing a GP and attending medical and mental health appointments when required

-Liaison with the Probation Service, Job Centre and other outside agencies