Sign Health – DeafHope

DeafHope is a service giving support to women and children who are affected by domestic abuse. It is the only service of its kind in the UK which is based in sign language.

Being Deaf puts individuals at twice the risk of being abused, and makes getting help more difficult. You can’t just pick up the phone and call a help-line when you’re Deaf.

Sign Health’s deaf domestic abuse service, DeafHope, has organised a course of six workshops. These workshops are specifically aimed at Deaf women who need advice about domestic abuse.

The workshops are organised by experienced and qualified Deaf staff, and delivered in British Sign Language. They work with Deaf women, educating them about abuse – what abuse is, the different types of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, financial, sexual) and how to cope in difficult situations.

Young DeafHope is a unique project working with young Deaf people of eleven years and older, to raise awareness of abuse and domestic violence. The aim is to help young people change or avoid abusive behaviour, and to help them to have healthy relationships and stay safe.

At present Deaf Hope only covers the London area. However the advocacy service is pan UK but does require payment.