The Traveller Movement

The Traveller Movement is an organisation that aims to advocate for and work with Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller people to tackle discrimination and promote inclusion and equality.

They have an online Safe Space for Women with information and resources that are available to support Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) women. They have also created The Domestic Abuse Good Practice Guide (to download click the ‘download file here’ button below) which is a resource that can be used by any organisation working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse from GRT communities. It outlines good practice in domestic abuse services and the main barriers to engagement for GRT survivors of domestic abuses.

The Healthy Relationships Toolkit is a “by and for” toolkit to help young people from GRT communities know their rights, and spot and understand the warning signs of abuse.

The toolkit answers the following questions and more:
• What are the relationship red flags?
• How do I report a shame page?
• What is the age of consent for marriage?
• What are boundaries and how do I set them in my relationships?

There are also videos that simply explain consent, victim blaming and spotting red flags in a relationship.