#TrueNotToxic – Next Chapter

Welcome to #TrueNotToxic!! This page is designed for young people who may be in their first relationships and experiencing domestic abuse…

Has your partner ever…

  • Criticized you or embarrassed you in front of others?
  • Checked up on what you have been doing, and not believed your answers?
  • Kept you from going out or doing things you want to do?
  • Hurt you?
  • Made you feel as if you are wrong?
  • Said they are only doing it because they love you and they are jealous?

Have you ever…

  • Stopped seeing friends or family because of your partners behaviour?
  • Watched what you are doing in order to avoid making your partner angry or upset?
  • Felt obligated or coerced into having sex with your partner?
  • Feel afraid of voicing a different opinion?
  • Tried to please your partner than yourself in order to avoid being hurt?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, you should get in touch with Next Chapter by calling 01206 500585 (option 2). Their friendly team are ready to help!