Additional grant funding has increased the number of Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers (ISACs) in Essex.

ISACs play a crucial role in supporting victims of stalking, safely navigating them through the criminal justice system process.  They will often act as representatives for victims in interactions with the police, courts, solicitors and other professionals.

How they support you

They use their specialist knowledge to help victims understand their rights, document evidence, apply for stalking protection orders (SPOs), and stay informed about their case. They offer both practical and emotional support for victims, assessing risks, devising safety plans, keeping the voice of the victim at the heart of everything they do and empowering them to move forward.

Hear from an ISAC

Talia, from Changing Pathways explained that she believed stalking victims were not getting the support they need, which motivated her to become an ISAC. She said ‘it is very rewarding supporting a victim through their journey, especially when a conviction or injunction is achieved, and seeing how the victim regains confidence and control back.

I supported a 17 year old female victim where the stalking had a significant impact on her mental health, which resulted in her being scared to leave the house and ultimately not being able to work. Her perpetrator was eventually convicted and with support she was able to move on with her life and is now studying at university, able to socialise with friends and enjoy life.’

Talia went on to say ‘every day in the role is different, a general day involves calling clients, recording all the information and making them feel at ease. It’s never easy for victims to reach out and usually they are at breaking point. Sometimes I will attend court, or attend meetings with the police, other days I could be speaking with housing associations, where a victim needs to be rehomed.’

Get help today

Stalking is a repeated pattern of unwanted, fixated and obsessive behaviour which is intrusive and makes you feel scared and distressed, it is a criminal offence and anyone can be a victim.

Find out more about the signs of stalking. If you are being stalked help is available from Essex Compass, call 0330 333 7 444 or visit their website.