SETDAB DA Awareness Week – Seminar’s


Following the launch of our new Southend, Essex & Thurrock Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020-2025, we will be hosting webinars that address each key outcome that features within our new strategy.

Target audience:

Professionals across agencies.


  • Work with our partners to introduce the work currently delivered across our 5 Key Domestic Abuse (DA) outcomes within our Southend, Essex & Thurrock (SET) DA Strategy 2020-25.
  • Promote DA services, resources and pathways.
  • Raise awareness of the SET DA website and news bulletin.

Key Speakers:

Each webinar will include key speakers, representing a range of agencies across the partnership, who will discuss key topics & services that fall under that outcome.

Webinar links:

Please note these will all be online seminars delivered on Microsoft Live Stream. To join the event you will need to carefully follow the instructions provided on the links below.

Children and young people can recognise and form healthy relationships
  • Monday 23rd November 2020, 10:00-11:00am
People experiencing and at risk of experiencing domestic abuse are supported to be and feel safe
  • Tuesday 24th November 2020, 13:00-14:00pm
Everyone can rebuild their lives and live free from domestic abuse
  • Wednesday 25th November, 2020, 10:00-11:00am
Supporting and disrupting perpetrators to change their behaviour and break the cycle of domestic abuse
  • Thursday 26th November 2020, 13:00-14:00pm
Communities, professionals and employers are able to recognise domestic abuse at the earliest opportunity and have the confidence to take action.
  • Friday 27th November 2020, 10:00-11:00am

Charging Policy

Please note this event is free of charge.

SETDAB Privacy Statement

Southend, Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board are collecting this information for the purposes of managing training events.  Your responses will be treated in confidence and will not be passed to a 3rd party unless required to do so by law. We do not collect personal information for commercial purposes.